Wireless Home Appliance Like Fan Speed Control Using Rf Communication

Model: 384

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Do-It-Yourself Kit :

Includes complete hardware comprising of discrete components, modules, PCB, controller etc. and tested program code for building the project. Extensive documentation for project execution including step-by-step instructions for Circuit building, Assembly procedure and Troubleshooting. (Tool kit-Multimeter, Soldering iron and program burner not included in the kit)

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This is designed to control the speed of an AC motor by RF technology for remote operation using an 8051 series microcontroller. Speed of the AC motor is directly proportional to the voltage applied across its terminals. Hence, if the voltage across motor terminal is varied, then the speed can also be varied.
This project uses the above principle to control the speed of the motor by varying the trigger pulse applied to it . At the transmitting end using push buttons, commands are sent to the receiver to control the speed . The RF transmitter acts as an RF remote control that has the advantage of adequate range (up to 200 meters) with proper antenna, while the receiver decodes the commands before feeding it to another microcontroller to drive AC motor via a triac through an opto isolator . Trigger pulse is generated at the output by the microcontroller as per the program and command received. The program can be written in Assembly language or in Embedded C. The average voltage given or the average current flowing through the motor will change depending on the firing angle of the triac. Thus the speed of the motor will change.
Furthermore, the project can be enhanced by using power electronic devices such as SCRs / IGBTs to achieve speed control higher capacity industrial motors and the operation can be switched to Bluetooth for a flexible operation using any Android smart phone.


Easy to use, Self-explanatory kit.

All-inclusive solution kit.

Extensive audio-visuals available.

Branding-free material.


Call/mail for Tech Support from 10 am – 7 pm.

Can be Customized for Arduino, Raspberry Pi, PIC


Hardware Requirements

  • Micro controller unit (AT89C52)
  • Push Buttons
  • RF module
  • Encoder
  • Resistors
  • Capacitors
  • Diodes
  • Lamps
  • AC motor
  • Resistors,
  • Capacitors
  • Diodes
  • Batteries

Software Requirements

  • Keil compiler
  • Language: Embedded C or Assembly

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