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Edgefx Electronic STEM Kit (15 Projects-in-1) from 8+ year onwards

25+ - Projects/Activities/Experiments

Name Projects / Activities / Experiments
Create and Share Project2: To demonstrate the Push Button Switch, Buzzer function and how electricity is used to generate sound
Create and Share Make a calling bell for yourself. Take a video of your creation.
Create and Share Project3: To demonstrate the LED function and how electricity is used to light up an LED.
Create and Share Brighten your doll-house. Take a video of your creation.
Create and Share Project4: To demonstrate how LED’s like one-way valves let electricity flow only in one direction.
Activity Learn more about the Diodes
Create and Share Project5: To demonstrate conductor and insulator of electricity.
Experiment Check and find out a good conductor
Activity Place your fingers across the terminals
Create and Share Project6: To demonstrate the use of fuse to make electrical circuits safer.
Activity Fuses Protect our homes and appliances.
Create and Share Project7: To demonstrate the function of a Resistor in series with a Buzzer.
Activity Compare the sound intensity
Create and Share Project8: To demonstrate how a series Resistor is used to Protect an LED.
Activity Compare the brightness of the LED
Create and Share Project9: To demonstrate how electric circuits can be build to turn on multiple loads at a time without affecting the performance of the other load.
Experiment Remove one and see effect
Create and Share Project10: To demonstrate the use of electronically controlled switches like Transistors using Push Button Switch for Input and Buzzer for Output.
Create and Share Create a panic button. Take a video of your creation.
Create and Share Project11: To demonstrate how transistor as a switch can control an LED output.
Create and Share Create a Ultra Bright LED Torch Light. Take a video of your creation.
Create and Share Project12: Get creative with circuits, demonstration of push Button Switch in reverse function with Buzzer for Output.
Experiment Change the Buzzer in reverse direction
Create and Share Project13: To try and see for your self if the switch is reverse function works for an LED output.
Experiment Replace the Switch with a Conductor
Create and Share Project14: To demonstrate if human body is a good conductor of electricity using human touch as Input and Buzzer as Output.
Activity Connect Touch points with Insulator
Create and Share Project15: To demonstrate the amplification of current via darlington Transistor with LED as Output.
Activity Find out the difference in LED light intensity