Home Automation Under Wi-Fi Through Android Apps From Any Smart Phone

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Solderable DIY project kit for Engineering & Diploma students Worldwide

Do-It-Yourself Kit :

Includes complete hardware comprising of discrete components, modules, PCB, controller etc. and tested program code for building the project. Extensive documentation for project execution including step-by-step instructions for Circuit building, Assembly procedure and Troubleshooting. (Tool kit-Multimeter, Soldering iron and program burner not included in the kit)

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The main aim of the project is to control multiple electrical loads remotely over internet falling under the basic principles of Internet of Things-IOT. For this real-time scenario we use an Android app on any smart cell phone with user configurable front end (GUI). The data sent from the cell phone upon touch commands are sent through allotted IP fed to it, to any nearby wireless modem which is then received by a Wi-Fi module interfaced to a microcontroller of 8051 series, under TCP IP via networked wireless modem environment. Relays are then driven as per the command received at the controller end to handle electrical loads. The real time data is also seen at the sending end upon a LCD display interfaced to the microcontroller that displays the status of the loads too.

The power supply consists of a step down transformer 230/12V, which steps down the voltage to 12V AC. This is converted to DC using a Bridge rectifier and it is then regulated to +5V using a voltage regulator 7805 which is required for the operation of the microcontroller , 3.3 volt for the Wi-Fi unit and other components.


Easy to use, Self-explanatory kit.

All-inclusive solution kit.

Extensive audio-visuals available.

Branding-free material.


Call/mail for Tech Support from 10 am – 7 pm.

Can be Customized for Arduino, Raspberry Pi, PIC


Hardware Requirements

  • 8051 series Microcontroller
  • A to D converter
  • Temperature sensors
  • Capacitors
  • Relay
  • Transformer
  • Diodes
  • WiFi module as required
  • Voltage Regulator

Software Requirements

  • Keil compiler
  • Language: Embedded C or Assembly

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