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Since 1997, we trained thousands of engineering students in the areas of Electrical, Electronics and Communication. Though we have always had the right manpower to train students, we often have had challenges in putting together the right training material and the hardware that went into building projects. In our quest to give the students the best, we realized that there is no "easy to use" solution in the engineering domain to build projects that would fulfill their academic requirements and bridge the knowledge gap between academics and the industry.

Furthermore, lack of core sector companies in the areas of electrical and electronics engineering added to the challenge of providing the students with the best possible avenues to enhance their practical skills.

We realized that one way of bridging the gap would also be to explore the possibility of providing a Do It Yourself kit that would consist of typically everything that electrical and electronics engineering students would need to enhance their knowledge and skill at a practical level and help them in exploring new career paths.

When we tried looking for project kits online and though there were a few stores selling project kits online, what we noticed is that there was no major, technically sound online web company that specialized in these kinds of project kits.

With the goal of providing the best to the students, in November 2011, Efxkits was born – an online store for project solutions for all those aspirants who seek to enhance their practical knowledge in the field of electrical and electronics engineering.

We also wanted to ensure we also do our bit to support the environment. So, the packaging used for the kit is made with reused or recycled material to help conserve our environment.

Our passion to provide the best, yielded its results, when, by the end of the first year, our customer base skyrocketed at a rate that surpassed even the most optimistic expectations. Edgefx had grown to the point where an entire team of programmers, designers, and support engineers were hired, which are now helping the company pursue its dream of bridging the gap between academia and the industry.

Today Edgefx has its clients in 20+ countries.

The company has grown to have a very strong focus on customer service, quality and most of all a passion for what we do. Although we're a large team now, nothing about us is corporate. We don't have multiple tiers of hierarchy. The vast majority of our employees work on the front lines, taking care of our customers or shipping items out of the Edgefx Fulfillment Centers.

Edgefx currently stocks more than 600 projects in different formats across numerous categories. Edgefx offers the best selection of projects available anywhere, together with our passion for a robust support system.

TThanks for reading our story! We're always looking for innovative and aspiring people whose passion equals our own.

This could be you!

- Do It Yourself should become a way of life in education, so we can experience divinity and self-sufficiency in this sector.
- Technology and education together should make the students job-ready.
- People will choose the company within reach with the best service and the best selection.
- Efxkits will be that reliable online partner.

We believe that the education a student receives along with the kit plays a very important role, so at Edgefx we have put in a lot of focus on making sure the kits have lots of Audio-Visuals and training material. In order to do that, we maintain highly qualified manpower and we don't make an item available for sale unless it is physically tested for quality and 100% output.

Our hope is that our focus on service will allow us to WOW our customers, our employees and our vendors. We want Edgefx to be known as a service company that happens to sell project kits, and anything and everything related to project solutions.

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Edgefx is self-funded, profitable and is slowly taking over the project market. Our team of electronic lovers, right brains, and left brains work hard to make products our customers would love to use.

EdgeFx Kits Family
Kamini Gupta
Chief Executive Officer & Strategist
B.Tech & MBA

Kamini has over 20 years of experience in Strategic Consultation, Marketing and Sales.

She started her career as an entrepreneur, set up a training business in 1997 and trained thousands of students in the areas of Electronics, Communications and Electrical Engineering.

She discovered that Internet marketing is the platform which would benefit many students than the traditional training.

There is nothing more exciting to her than learning new things and making them available for students and thus gain holistic growth and success. She has been associated with offering live projects to Engineering students since 1998.

Kamini has built two successful offline businesses using online marketing techniques before moving completely to online business model.

The result of that move is Edgefx Kits & Solutions — an innovative company that provides the DIY Project solutions to Engineering students in the areas of Embedded, Electrical, Electronics, Communication, Robotics and many more.

UC Patnaik
Chief Technology Officer
MTech (Electronics) & BTech(Electrical)
35 years of Industry experience in Manufacturing, R&D sector including Philips India.
Technical Domain
Practical Power Electronics, Electrical and Embedded Systems.
Skills and Expertise
Competencies in design and development of Embedded Systems, Architectural System Design and Analysis, High performance circuit board design, Networking & Communications.
Pilot projects development for Industries while designing and documenting the processes, systems and designs strategy for the same.
Rendering Industrial solutions and products in several high technology areas like Robotics, Embedded Systems, Wireless Communication and other emerging technologies.
Design and Development of state-of-the-art Research and Development Laboratories to facilitate research work and innovation for various organizations including Engineering Colleges.
Engineering Services in repair and maintenance services to the sectors like Defense, Railways and Telecommunications
Expert in Software Design and Simulation using software like Multisim, Circuit maker, Ps Pice, Proteus etc. with special proficiency in Embedded & Robotics System Design and Simulation.
Expertise on Electrical-CAD (PromisE) and ORCAD (PSpice) for intelligent drawing and drafting.
Most searched author on ‘You Tube’ for practical electronics
Author of Self designed practical circuits for several electronic magazines
Training and Expertise
Rendered practical project work assistance to thousands of engineering students around the world.
Provide Training expertise on design of electronic circuits, PCB design on software and prototype development of any circuit on general purpose PCB.
Advanced Skills
Providing high quality specialized, intensive power packed Technical Workshops for Industry experts and students alike in Embedded System, Robotics, Wireless Communication and emerging technologies to the most advanced level.
Tarun Agarwal
Chief Operating Officer
8 years of experience in Customer Support, Operations and Administration.
Mahesh Appanagiri
Chief Marketing Officer
15 years of experience in Marketing and Sales, Customer Support.