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The project is designed to provide protection to induction motor, by applying voltage gradually from low to high for smooth start. Induction motor during the initial starting condition takes up much larger current than its capacity.

This leads to motor instantly catching the speed resulting in high mechanical stress and also causing some damage to the motor windings. Sometimes the windings may also get burnt. Smooth start to the induction motor is based on the SCR firing angle control principle.

This project consists of a two anti-parallel SCR’s connected in series with an induction motor to the supply. At the time of start the firing angle is heavily delayed by received delayed pulses from an operational amplifier. The op-amp operates in comparator mode which compares zero voltage pulses to develop a saw-tooth voltage.

This waveform is further compared against a varying voltage by charging and discharging of the capacitor to develop delayed pulses for triggering the SCRs. A lamp is provided in this project in place of an induction motor for demonstration purpose.

Further the project can be enhanced by using six SCRs, two connected in back to back for each phase.

Non-Microcontroller Project.
Analog Soft Start Induction Motor.
Branding-free material.
Call/mail for Tech Support from 10 am - 7 pm.
All-inclusive solution kit.
Easy to use, Self-explanatory kit.
Extensive audio-visuals available.
Hardware Requirements
  • Op-amp
  • Opto-isolators
  • SCRs
  • Voltage Regulator
  • Transformer
  • Diodes
  • LED
  • Resistors
  • Capacitors
  • Lamp
Software Requirements
Q & A
Q:  What is soft start?
A:  Soft Start means gradually increasing the supply voltage to the motor
Q:  Why bulb is used instead of motor?
A:  In order to visualize the soft start it is better to use a bulb
Q:  Does this project have a pre-programmed microcontroller?
A:  No, it is a non-microcontroller based project
Q:  What is the formula for calculating smoothing capacitor value?
A:  There is some approximated formula .Peak to peak ripple voltage = Load current in amps / (2*line frequency in hertz *capacitance in farads). But as rule of thumb for 1 A current 1000uF is best. Thus it is load dependent.
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Parimal Sahukar, DURG on 18th November, 2015, 11:16 AM

I come to know about Edgefx through Internet
I found the information related to my project requirement on your website
I Purchased directly through online.

Parimal Sahukar, DURG on 2nd June, 2015, 03:44 PM

I came to know about Edgefx through my friend named Mr. Thanmay patak. I directly used Edgefx in Google.I decided because I am getting the project for cheap and reliable. I like the circuit given by Edgefx because it is very easy to understand. No my kit delayed for a day.I directly purchased the project through online. The component description should be clearer.

Shilpa, Palakkad on 2nd June, 2015, 01:37 PM

Her Friend Mr. Sri Hari placed an order instead of her.I decided to buy from Edgefx because my friend forced me to take the kit.Yes the kit delivered on time with the right components. I purchased the project through online.No Suggestions.

PARIKH KEVALKUMAR RAMANLAL, Ahmedabad on 1st June, 2015, 06:50 PM

I come to know about Edgefx through Internet. I used major projects as a keyword to find Edgefx. I decide to buy a kit from Edgefx because Edgefx providing the fully assembled kit. Yes the kit delivered on time with the right components.No I purchased through online.No Improvements.

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