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Sensor Based Engineering Projects Ideas

A sensor is an electrical device used to measure a physical quantity and then to provide an equivalent output. A sensor is a type of transducer that may provide different types of output, but typically uses electrical signals.

For instance, a thermocouple produces an output in response to the environment. Likewise, a thermometer converts precise temperature to increase and decrease a liquid, which can be studied through a standardized glass tube. The sensors are mainly used in everyday objects and are also expanded beyond the most traditional fields of temperature, flow measurement and pressure.

Different Types of Sensors

There are different types of sensors available based on the quantities like a Radio or potential or magnetic or electrical sensors, flow or fluid velocity sensors, humidity, speed, heat, thermal, optical, proximity, chemical, position, magnetic switch, environment sensor, etc.

The speed sensor is used to detect the speed of a vehicle or object. There are numerous types of sensors to detect the speed like speedometers, airspeed indicators, Wheel speed sensors, ground speed radar, LIDAR, pedometer logs, Doppler radar, and so on.
A temperature sensor is used to measure the temperature. The measurement of an electrical signal is in the form of a voltage and is proportional to the temperature measurement.

The PIR sensor or Pyroelectric sensor is used to measure the IR light radiation produced from objects. The idiom passive in this refers to the fact that these sensors do not generate any energy for sensing purposes. They work completely by detecting the energy given off by other objects. Passive infrared sensors detect heat, instead of detecting the IR radiation emitted from an object.

Ultrasonic Sensor is similar to radar in which the interpretation of resonances from radio waves or sound waves to estimate the qualities of a target is by producing high-frequency 40kHz sound waves.These sensors are used to convert the energy into ultrasound waves that are above human hearing range.

Thermal sensor is used to sense the temperature in many computers, laptops, in order to generate an alarm when a positive temperature has been surpassed.
Electromagnetic sensor is used to detect a physical quantity like loudness or pressure and alter it into some type of an electronic signal like a voltage.

This category consists of sensor projects with abstract, PPT and block diagram which can be downloaded by the students. Here we have listed our collection of sensor based projects.



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