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Robotics Engineering Projects Ideas

The first robotics was invented by a Czech novelist Karel Capek in the year 1920. The term Robot in Czech is a name used for a servant or worker. A robot is a multi-functional and re-programmable manipulator, which is designed to shift material, tools, parts or particular devices through changeable programmed motions for doing a variety of tasks.

Robotics is the branch of an engineering which deals with operation, construction, design and application of robots; and also deals with automated machines that can take the place of human beings in hazardous environments that take similar to humans look and behavior. Many of the most recent robots are stimulated by nature, contributing to the bio-inspired robotics. The concept of making machines dates back to classical times, but the investigations into the potential and functional uses of robots did not develop significantly until the 20th century.

Throughout history of robotics, it has been repeatedly assumed that one day the robots would be able to imitate behavior of human beings. Nowadays, robotic technology is the fastest growing technology in designing, researching and building latest robots for various practical purposes. There are many robots available to do tasks that are dangerous to humans like bombs defusion, finding survivors in unstable ruins and exploring shipwrecks and mines. As a teaching aid, robotics is also used in STEM. The key components of robots mainly include the power conversion unit, sensors, actuators, controller, user interface and manipulator.

Types of Robots Available

There are three types of robots available: type-I, type-II and type-III,wherein:

• Type-I robots are manipulators.
• Type-II robots are legged and wheeled robots.
• Type-III robots are autonomous underwater vehicles and unmanned aerial vehicle robots.

There are numerous types of robots used for many purposes in different environments. In spite of being very different in an application, they share three basic principles when it comes to their structure: every robot has their own type of mechanical construction, shape and frame designed to get a precise task; the robot is built with an electrical component which powers and regulates the machine; the power on the robot is in the form of electricity. The electrical feature of the robot is used for movement, sensing and operation.

• All types of robots have inbuilt programming codes. A program code is how a robot makes a decision to do something.
• There are three different kinds of robotic programs: hybrid, remote control and artificial intelligence. A remote control robot has a pre-existing set of commands, which it executes when it accepts a signal from a source of control.
• Artificial intelligence robots interact with their environment on their own without requiring a control source, and can decide reactions to problems and objects they encounter using their pre-existing programs.
• Hybrid is a kind of programming that fits in both AI & RC functions.

This category consists of robotic projects with abstract, PPT and block diagram which can be downloaded by the students. Here we have listed out a collection of robotic based projects.

The Applications of Robotics

  • Robots are used in construction, agriculture, entertainment, healthcare, automobile, laboratories, Law enforcement, manufacturing, military, mining, transportation, utilities and warehouses.
  • Robots in Industrial applications include material transfer robots, material handling robots, Machine loading, Machine Unloading, Spot welding, Continuous arc welding, Spray coating, Assembly and Inspection robots, etc. and robots in hazardous environments, space, medical, at home and in military.


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