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Edgefx kits and solutions offer project solutions in the form of "Do It Yourself Kits" for electronic and electrical engineering students, in the areas of electronics, electrical, embedded, communication, Robotics, solar etc. Do It Yourself Kits comprise of the guidelines, all electronic and electrical components audio video visuals, hard copy, soft copy material, devices along with programming code which are designed to clear all fundamentals about component testing, soldering, each and every component and circuit explanation and many more. These types of projects are simple and easy to build without any external help. The objective behind introducing this type of kit is to enhance student’s practical knowledge and hands on experience while involving them in the development of the hardware and software design of the project.

While the Do It Yourself kit box is opened, it contains in hard copies, the assembly procedure, circuit diagram, the voltage reference parameters, layout diagram of the components, CD and DVD containing all the audio visual relating to the project including required tools such as soldering iron, cutter, screwdriver etc. Additionally project documentation, the source code, power point presentations are available in the box in softcopy format. On the hardware front the kit also contains a zero board, and a plain printed circuit board and the same board in fully assembled with the components required to assemble on the zero board himself.
While one goes for site browse of our Website http://www.edgefxkits.com/ From the Edgefxkits and Solutions one will get all the categories or the full project listing which can be seen by category or can be seen by branch.
The other features are that one can select a project based on the academic year I,II,III,IV that one is studying or by the project category or by the price range , all can be chosen for selecting a project or by searching a title in the site search box to get the project details.
Once a click is made on the full project listing , one will get the full project listing comprising of all the projects and one can also go over in category wise or sub category wise.
Once you select a project, you will get a zoom able picture and also an audio visual link that will explain the output functioning of the particular project live.
There are three categories of kits with prices that one can notice such as do it yourself, ready made and project kit. We strongly recommend the DIY kit to be followed that gives the option of an additional working board in the kit besides the PCB and another set of detachable components. Because if one is not able to achieve the output on Do It Yourself kit for some reason, one has the access to the readymade working board in the kit which will guarantee 100% output.
There are content differences between the 3 kit types as we find in "kit details" link.
One can also go to the "specifications" link where one will get all the specifications of the project.
Scrolling down the home page one find certain interesting information, in particular the resources section besides the blog, testimonials etc that gives much more information regarding how to handle the project and how to complete the project successfully.
The website also gives the project description, the block diagram, the abstract for submission purposes which are all in downloadable format.
Most interestingly the customer service is one of the unique features that we have for customer satisfaction. A toll free number upon which a student or any other interested can access any information on related projects.
The other financial features like cash on delivery is also available and also free shipping worldwide with 100% money back if not satisfied.
Coming to the project highlights it displays relevant information pertaining to the project.
Finally to purchase the project one has to click on the product, and then one will get the final amount together with a discount if at all available.
Once the payment part is completed the material is dispatched from our works within 48hours through most reliable courier services for fastest delivery in India or abroad.
Programming Concepts
Programming concept is the source code explain line by line, one of the opportunity to understanding how to write the code.
Practical Electronics and Complete Knowledge about the project
The complete can explain design concept, how the components are used and how they are functioning to enhance design concept of the student. This leads the practical experience for the project.
Circuit Design parameters
One gets opportunity for design parameters too. A particulate 555 timer is explains more in detail for practical application purpose and design knowledge enhancement.
Hands on Assembling experience
Hands on assembling experience is also provided, for example how to do a good soldering and a bad soldering also provided in an audio visual format.
De-bugging independently and enhancing fault finding skills
One learns has to how to debugging independently and enhancing fault finding skill with right kind of tools like oscilloscope, one can understand and try to find out the fault location.
Component Identification, Soldering & Hardware Assembly Techniques
The component identification, testing and soldering and hardware assembly techniques. For example, how to use and find out whether the particular diode or rectifier is good or bad, one has to use the multimeter or the appropriate testing the components.
To take up higher order practical research work in embedded system
Finally, to take up his/her order research work in Embedded system. This helps for using right kind of instruments, equipment and the circuits for higher order research work.
The pioneer in developing unique kits for engineering students. It comes with a beautiful box like this (shown above video), outlining the details as to what are the things available inside the box. Once you open the box, first you will find the bill of materials, assembly procedure for Edgefxkits, circuit diagrams (they are all hard copies that are available inside the box). The layout diagram, as to what are the components that has to be used for embedded system the transformer or a computer or a load. The voltage reference without IC is zero and with IC is different here. Besides these hardcopies, it is also provided with the features seen here. First is the zero board, we call it a bread board. Next is a fully assembled and tested board, exactly as per the circuit diagram and printed circuit board as per the circuit diagram. All the components used for embedded systems: resisters, transistors, diodes, Ic’s, required for the project to be assembled either on the bread board or on the PCB. However, the detachable components like IC’s and all are of course given in one set. The external loads like the lamps, bulbs or a transformer are also inside the kit, to help identify the components. A multimeter that also helps to find out the voltage parameter as per the document provided, a component cutter after assembling the board yourself. Some dedicated cables like RS232 cable in this project. Last but not least, most importantly there are LCD and DVD in each box provided, that contains so much information as regard to the project. For example the entire explanation of the components which are used in the project in audio visual way. If it is an embedded project, the source code and the documentation for about nearly 80 pages- a documentation support, a power point presentation material for presenting a seminar with all this 100% output is guaranteed.
Basic Electronic Components
Basic Instruments and Components Used in Electronics
Project Development Lifecycle
Electronic Component Testing
Basics of RFID Technology
What is XBEE?
What is RF
What is Embedded System?
Basics of Sensors

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