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Power Electronics Engineering Projects Ideas

Power Electronics is a field that combines Electronics, Power (electric power), and Control systems. Power engineering deals with the rotating power and static equipment for the generation, transmission and distribution of electric power. The control is done using switches, magnetics systems, electronics, and capacitors. Electronics deals with the study of solid state semiconductor circuits for Power conversion and power devices to meet the desired control on output power. Power electronics can also be defined as the subject of applications of solid state power semiconductor devices for the conversion and control of electric power. It deals with the design and study of Thyristorised power controllers for many varieties ranging from milliwatts to Gigawatts. Power electronic is applicable in vehicle propulsion systems, light/illumination control, motor control - AC/DC motor drives used in industries, high voltage power supplies, high voltage direct current (HVDC) transmission, and heat control.

A Brief History of Power Electronics

The Mercury Arc Rectifier was the first Power Electronic Device developed in the 20th century. The other Power devices like ignitrone , metal tank, grid controlled vacuum tube rectifier, rectifier, magnetic amplifier, thyratron and phanotron, were developed & used gradually for power control applications until mid of the 20th century. The first Thyristor or silicon controlled rectifier was invented and developed by Bell Lab's in 1956. It was the first PNPN triggering transistor. After a couple of years, second electronic revolution began with the development of commercial grade Thyristor with the General Electric Company. The use of power Electronics devices has became more nowadys. Many changes took place in the development of devices of power semiconductor & power conversion techniques.

Power Semiconductor Devices

1. IGBT's
2. Power Diodes. Power transistors (BJT's).
3. Power MOSFETS.
4. Thyristors

Thyristors are a family of p-n-p-n structured power semiconductor switching devices.
The power electronic devices are used in many fields like home appliances, commercial purpose, fun applications, aero applications, etc. The world without power electronic devices would look very dull.

Some Applications Of Power Electronics

Power electronic is applicable in advertising, aircraft power supplies, alarms, audio amplifiers, battery chargers, blenders, blowers, air conditioning, appliances - (domestic and industrial), boilers, burglar alarms, cement, chemical processing, clothes dryers, computers, conveyors, cranes and hoists, dimmers (light dimmers), displays, electric door openers, electric dryers, electric fans, electric vehicles, electromagnets, electro mechanical electro plating, furnaces, garage door openers, games, elevators, food warmer trays, fans, food mixers, flashers, gas turbine starters, latching relays, fork lift trucks, generator exciters, grinders, HVDC transmission, hand power tools, induction heating, high frequency lighting, laser power supplies, magnetic recording, movie projectors, motor controls, heat controls, light flashers, solar power supplies, linear induction motor controls, nuclear reactor control rod, locomotives, mining, model trains, mercury arc lamp ballasts, machine tools, motor drives, magnets, mass transit railway system, oil well drilling, phonographs, regulators, machines, paper mills, particle accelerators, power suppliers, photo copiers, refrigerators, pumps and compressors, oven controls, RF amplifiers, radar/sonar power supplies, printing press, servo systems, sewing, voltage regulators, solid-state relays, security systems, TV circuits, static relays, vending machines, steel mills, timers and toys, synchronous motor starting, static circuit breakers, traffic signal controls, VAR compensation, trains, welding equipment, washing machines, ultrasonic generators, temperature controls, UPS, vacuum cleaners, VLF transmitters, TV deflection circuits, etc.

Areas of Application of Power Electronics

• Low frequency power conversion – HVAC
• Power quality – Power factor – Line rectifiers
• Power Transmission – HVDC – DC/DC, Inverters ,Uninterruptible power supplies (UPS)
• Power devices
• Passive filtering
• Electric power transmission
• Power conditioning
• High frequency power conversion
• Energy storage – Flywheels
• Fluorescent lamp ballasts – Passive – Active
• Active filtering
• Motor drives
•Automotive Electronics – Electronic ignitions
• Electric vehicles – Alternators
• Induction heating
• Switching power supplies

Power Electronics’ Commercial Applications

Commercial applications of power electronics include Heating Systems Ventilations, Air Conditioners, Central Refrigeration, Lighting, Computers and Office equipments, Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS), Elevators, and Emergency Lamps.

Domestic Applications

Domestic applications of power electronics include Lighting, Heating, Cooking Equipments, Refrigerators & Freezers, Personal Computers, Entertainment Equipments and Air Conditioners.

Industrial Applications

Industrial applications include pumps, compressors, blowers and fans, machine tools, arc furnaces, induction furnaces, lighting control circuits, industrial lasers, induction heating, and welding equipments.

Aerospace Applications

Aerospace applications of power electronic include satellite power systems, space shuttle power supply systems, and aircraft power systems.


Telecommunication applications of power electronics include power supplies (DC and UPS), battery chargers, mobile cell phone battery chargers.


Transportation applications of power electronics include street cars, battery chargers for electric vehicles, Traction control of electric vehicles, including engine controls, automobile electronics, electric locomotives, and trolley buses.

Utility Systems

Utility systems’ applications of power electronics include high voltage DC transmission (HVDC), static VAR compensation (SVC), alternative energy sources (wind, photovoltaic), fuel cells, energy storage systems, induced draft fans and boiler feed water pumps.


• History/scope of power electronics
• Some interesting PE-related projects
• Circuit concepts’ importance in power electronics • Some tools for approximate analysis of power electronics systems
• Basic system concepts

The Scope of Power Electronics

1. Circuit Theory
2. System and Control Theory
3. Signal Processing
4. Electronics
5. Electromagnets
6. Power Systems
7. Electric Machines
8. Simulation and Computing
9. Solid State Physics


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