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Do-It-Yourself Kit

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  • • Product of choice for Engineering & Diploma students worldwide.
  • • Real-time applications.
  • • Mapped to the curriculum.
  • • Learning by doing.
  • • Clearly defined problem statement.
Solderable DIY kit with
"Assembled & Tested Prototype board"

DIY kit comes with an Assembled and Tested prototype board and pre-programmed controller ensuring 100% output guarantee. Includes complete hardware & tools with plain PCB for assembling project from scratch.

Extensive documentation for project execution including step-by-step instructions for Circuit building, Assembly procedure and Troubleshooting. Thorough understanding from the Problem definition to Circuit Design to Programming, Simulation, Testing, Troubleshooting and finally building a working Hardware Prototype.

400+ end to end unique project solutions in wide areas of Electronics, Electrical, Embedded, Communication, IoT, Arduino and more.


The aim of this project is to control the electrical appliances through a personal computer (PC). For example, theatre lighting can be centrally controlled form the PC for better stage management.

Presently, they are manually managed which makes it difficult to coordinate the lighting with the respective scene. With this system, one can control the electrical appliances ON/OFF by just being seated at one place using a PC.

This system is integrated with the electrical loads and also connected to the PC where centralized control takes place. It uses an RS-232 protocol from the microcontroller to communicate with the PC.

To turn on/off the appliances, we use Hyper Terminal on PC. Once the connection is established with the PC, then the system starts working. The microcontroller used in this project belongs to 8051 family.

This project can be further enhanced by implementing a GUI based control panel on the PC with appropriate embedded software. The intensity control can also be incorporated using power electronics devices.

Note: The project works only on operating systems having hyper terminal (E.g. Windows XP). The computer must have a RS232 serial port.

Easy to use, Self-explanatory kit.
All-inclusive solution kit.
Extensive audio-visuals available.
Branding-free material.
Pre-programmed Microcontroller.
Call/mail for Tech Support from 10 am - 7 pm.
Can be Customized for Arduino, Raspberry Pi, PIC
PC Based Electrical Load Control
Hardware Requirements
  • 8051 series Microcontroller
  • Level Shifter IC
  • DB Connector
  • Relays
  • Relay Driver
  • Transformer
  • Diodes
  • capacitors
  • Resistors
  • LED
  • Crystal
  • Lamps
Software Requirements
  • Keil compiler
  • Language: Embedded C or Assembly.
Q & A
Q:  Is it possible to replace lamps with any domestic load?
A:  Yes, domestic loads can be used, but only with wattage up to 200W.
Q:  Which microcontroller is used in this project?
A:  A 40 pin 8051 microcontroller is used in this project.
Q:  How to control the loads?
A:  By connecting the device to PC serial port, one can control the loads using hyper terminal of that PC
Q:  Is wireless home automation possible?
A:  Yes, see model numbers 246, 328, 238, and 148 Follow the links: 246: http://www.edgefxkits.in/rf-based-home-automation-system 328: http://www.edgefxkits.in/home-automation-by-android-application-based-remote-control 238: http://www.edgefxkits.in/touch-screen-based-home-automation-system 148: http://www.edgefxkits.in/dtmf-based-load-control-system
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Arpan Patel, Vadodra on 24th November, 2015, 06:48 PM

I was searched my project PC Based Electrical Load Control and i find edgefx in Google.
I found my project Title so decided to buy that project from Edgefx. .
I have purchase through online

Arpan Patel, Vadodra on 2nd December, 2014, 03:28 PM

Edgefx member who visited our college.Mr. Dev Desai, conducted seminar in our college. So I decided to get my kit from Edgefx.The kit got delivered in time with all the right components.I have already informed to some of my juniors about your concept and rest of college friends knows about Edgefx as they all were present in the seminar.

Aakash Singh, on 4th May, 2013, 02:09 AM

I compared and found the price to be very reasonable. Everything about the project is good/ nicely assembled.

Ajay Babu , on 8th November, 2012, 06:03 AM

I am thankful to Edgefx Technologies for providing best additional contents in the form of soft copy and as well as hard copy along with the project kit.

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