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EdgeFx Kit Contents & Details
Edgefx Kit Details

No need to spend a single paisa after purchasing a DIY kit
Edegefx Kit Contents
Readymade Kit
Project Kit
A fully assembled & tested PCB
Supplied in the kit to be used as a stand by, if the project assembled on plain PCB fails to work. It is supplied in DIY kit only and not supplied in project kit.
Plain PCB
Project can be assembled on this PCB with much ease,using the solderable components supplied.
Zero Board
It is an additional board supplied which can be used in place of the plain PCB where one has to solder the wire connections undeneath as per the circuit.
A set of solderable components
All the components that are required to be soldered on plain PCB, i.e another set of loose components is supplied other than the ones already soldered on the fully asssembled & tested PCB.
Pre-Programmed microcontroller
All categories of projects are supplied with pre-programmed microcontroller. It can be simply inserted into the socket for functioning.
A set of detachable components
All the components that are detachable from the project. These are supplied one set only. Use them either for the fully assembled PCB or for your own assembly done on plain PCB. (eg: Microcontroller, Loads, LCD, other ICs etc.)
Tool Kit
Multimeter, Screwdriver, Cutter & Soldering Iron supplied to assemble the project.
Consumables & Mechanical Hardware
Such as solder lead for soldering, flexible wire, heatsink, nut bolt, small mechanical fixtures etc. are also supplied.
Readymade project
Ready to use fully working project duly tested. Just plug in and it works.
Readymade Kit
Project Kit
Assembly procedure
The Procedure to be followed before initiating the project assembly is detailed in the printed form for ready reference
Bill of material
A complete check list of items available in the kit for verfification immediately on receiving the kit.
Circuit diagram
CAD (Computer Aided Design) drawn complete circuit diagram revealing all components and their values.
Circuit voltage parameters for testing
All possible points on the circuit diagram with expected voltage for checking purposes. Two sheets are available for this, one without having any ICs in the circuit board and another with voltage readings after the ICs are inserted.
Component Layout Diagram
Covers all the external connections to the circuit board such as transformer, loads, motors, modems etc
Readymade Kit
Project Kit
Containing brief overview, the technology adopted, list of major components used, future expansion possibilities and a neatly CAD drawn graphical Block Diagram.
Block Diagram
Also availble outside the abstract for specific use with no water marking such that it can be used in the report.
Circuit diagram with explanation
Detailed explaination of the circuit, its components, the operation procedure etc. are all covered with reference to section wise circuits wherever required.
Program source code either in embedded C or assembly language for all the embedded projects is provided.
Component datasheet
Manufacturers data sheets of relevant items used in the project are provided
Project Documentation
Sufficent material required for making a good project report is also provided.
Seminar power point presentation
Adequate number of relevant slides(leaving option for adding more) in sequential manner to represent the whole project in a professional manner.
Practical Electronics
Starting from basic electronics to gradually covering the advanced topics for easy undserstanding of the subsequent chapters is provided.
DIY Kit Readymade Kit Project Kit
Project Output
Demonstrating the actual hardware in operation and the operational procedures therof to cross check with the assembled project.
DIY Kit Readymade Kit Project Kit
Major components used in the project
All the major components such as specific analog ICs, sensors, modules relevant to the project are explained in a simulated, animated manner for crystal clear understanding of its function and features.
DIY Kit Readymade Kit Project Kit
General explanation of how to use the kit
Two hours of video in a DVD, upon a sample project for understanding step by step approach from opening the box till completing the project with precautions to be taken highlighted at every stage for perfectly assembling the kit.
DIY Kit Readymade Kit Project Kit

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