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Internet Of Things (IOT) Projects Ideas

The acronym IOT is Internet Of Things. IOT in simple words can be defined as giving intelligence and connectivity to almost everything. Kevin Ashton is a British entrepreneur who coined IOT in 1999 while working at Auto-ID labs. The Internet of Things refers to the growing network of objects that feature an IP address for internet connectivity; these objects communicate between themselves and other Internet-enabled devices and systems.

In the early 1982 the concept of the smart device’s network was discussed by conducting an experiment with a modified Coke machine at a University called Carnegie Mellon. It was the first internet connected appliance which was able to report its inventory that the newly installed loaded drinks were cold.

One of the best known examples of an IOT device is the smart thermostat. It communicates with your smart phone or personal computer and learns what you like and program it itself. Experts say these devices collect valuable information by using various existing technologies and data flows between other devices.

IoT Extends Internet Connectivity

The Internet of Things extends internet connectivity beyond the devices we use in our daily life like laptop and desktop computers, tablets and smartphones, which diverse the range of devices and everyday things that utilize technology, mostly related to embedded communication and interaction with the external environment through the Internet.

The most common question arises in one mind is it safe? Can the internet of things be secured?

The security and privacy are the biggest challenges for IoT. All these systems and devices collect a lot of personal and private data about people. The smart meter knows when a person is at home and what electronics that person is using.

This is shared with other devices that are held in databases by companies. In the early stage of the usage of IOT after it coming into existence, its data was hacked. Later with the advancement of technology most of the hacking was refrained. But for financial benefit and to avoid hacking, in smart homes, there is a cyber criminal working away from it.

The Future of IOT

As far as the reach of the Internet of Things, there are more than 13 billion devices that can currently connect to the Internet, and researchers at IDC estimate that by 2020 an IOT will connect to almost 50 billion objects. According to survey, consumer applications will drive the number of connected things, while enterprise for the revenue. IOT adoption will grow rapidly with manufacturing.

IOT Examples

The examples of IOT are vast. It is used in most of the objects across the world to make the life of human beings simple and secured. Some of the examples are listed below.
It is connected in security system, thermostats, Vending machines, alarm clocks, Speakers, Lights in commercial environment, cars, etc.

Businesses will not incur losses with the IoT applications like alarm in case of fire accident, which will prevent the organizations from huge damage. IOT is playing a key role in today’s smart city and smart energy management systems. Huge data transfer in few seconds is appreciable and secured too. This can go beyond the smart homes and smart home energy meters.

Some IOT devices use sensors to detect if nobody's at home in order to prevent wastage of power. Fun is generated when it is connected among friends to central hub, which might be your PC or a device such as your Xbox One.

Internet of Things Applications:

Infrastructure management
Environmental monitoring
Large scale deployments
Medical and healthcare systems
Building and home automation
Energy management


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