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Do-It-Yourself Kit (recommended)

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With an Assembled & Tested PCB

DIY kit comes with an Assembled and Tested PCB ensuring 100% output guarantee. Includes hardware for assembling project from scratch. Fully supported by elaborate documentation, audio visuals and tools to independently carry out the project work.


The project is designed to develop a high voltage DC around 2KV from a supply source of 230V AC using the capacitors and diodes in a ladder network based on voltage multiplier concept.

The method for stepping up the voltage is commonly done by a step-up transformer. The output of the secondary of the step up transformer increases the voltage and decreases the current. The other method for stepping up the voltage is a voltage multiplier but from AC to DC. Voltage multipliers are primarily used to develop high voltages where low current is required.

This project describes the concept to develop high voltage DC (even till 10KV output and beyond) from a single phase AC. For safety reasons our project restricts the multiplication factor to 8 such that the output would be within 2KV. This concept of generation is used in electronic appliances like the CRT’s, TV Picture tubes, oscilloscope and also used in industrial applications.

The design of the circuit involves voltage multiplier, whose principle is to go on doubling the voltage for each stage. Thus, the output from an 8 stage voltage multiplier can generate up to 2KV. As this is not possible to be measured by a standard multimeter, a potential divider of 10:1 is used at the output such that 200V reading means 2KV. Due to low input impedance of the multimeter, the reading would actually be approximately 7 times the input AC voltage.

Further the project can be enhanced to generate the high voltage DC up to the range of 30-50 KV by increasing the number of stages. It can then be used for required industrial and medical applications.

NOTE: The project needs to be handled with utmost safety as touching any high voltage even with a multimeter could be fatal. The company is not responsible for any eventual accident.

Easy to use, Self-explanatory kit.
All-inclusive solution kit.
Extensive audio-visuals available.
Non-Microcontroller Project.
Branding-free material.
Call/mail for Tech Support from 10 am - 7 pm.
Can be Customized for Arduino, Raspberry Pi, PIC
High Voltage DC up to 2KV From AC by Using Diode and Capacitors in Voltage Multiplier Circuit
Hardware Requirements
  • Diodes
  • Electrolytic Capacitors
  • Resistors
  • Multi meter
  • Lamp
Software Requirements
Q & A
Q:  How is 2KV generated?
A:  2KV is generated using capacitors connected in series that add up the voltage up to 2KV.
Q:  Is 2KV measured directly?
A:  No, it cannot be measured directly. However using certain provisions, like using a potential divider, one can measure voltage drop at a particular point..
Q:  Where is it applicable?
A:  It is applicable for electronic appliances like CRT TVs, Oscilloscope and also industrial applications
Q:  This project is for 2KV but in multimeter is shown 100V? Why?
A:  The impedance of low cost digital multimeters is approximately 1 M ohm. This can be verified by using a 2nd multimeter in M Ohm (2000K) range to measure the input impedance of the first one while the first one is kept at 1000 v DC volt range. Thus while measuring the voltage across the 1M, another 1M (being the meter impedance) comes in parallel, with a result of effective resistance of 1/2 M or 500K. Therefore the reading seen is half. That is the reason why the displayed value is to be multiplied by 2. However using a very costly multimeter having input impedance of say 100M Ohm shall be showing the correct value as 100M in parallel with 1M will be very near to 1 M only.
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Tanmaya, Belgaum on 2nd June, 2015, 04:50 PM

I came to know about Edgefx while searching in the Internet. I used my project title as a keyword in Google.I like the Documentation it is very clear and easy to understand.Yes the kit delivered on time with the right components.I purchased through Online.No Improvements.

Vasim mistry, Bhuj on 10th November, 2014, 10:17 AM

I decided to buy a kit from Edgefx because one of my senior suggested taking the kit.I like the complete kit.

maruti, warangal on 22nd March, 2014, 06:01 PM

Do it your self is very helpful for the students it is a new innovative it gives hands on experience for those who are looking for practical knowledge.

VASIM MISTRY, Govt. Engg College, BHUJ. on 30th January, 2014, 05:52 PM

This company is a boon for students who are not at aware of projects. Ibought DIY and I am happy with the PCB ,SOFT-COPY.

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