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Core electronics based DIY - DO it Yourself projects- using wide range of electronic analog and digital IC components such as TIMERS, OPAMPS, Relays, CMOS series ,TTL series gates ,inverters, registers ,memories ,micro motors, key pads etc are available upon simple circuits to high technology level also.

Following are the some examples for General electronics projects provided by Edgefx Technologies:

ELECTRONIC EYE BASED SECURITY SYSTEM: It is designed as a security system based on photo sensing arrangement using a 14 - stage ripple carry binary counter to sense the light intensity through LDR. The output drives a buzzer and a relay for necessary action.

ACTIVE CELL PHONE DETECTOR: A 555 timer in mono-stable mode along with a high gain op amp is used to detect Giga Hertz induced signals so produced by an active cell phone with in closer proximity to sound a buzzer alarm.

AUTOMATIC DUSK TO DAWN (EVENING ON TO MORNING OFF): Varying light intensity falling on an LDR is used as input to a comparator which is compared with a fixed value to turn ON the appliances through relay at the falling light intensity in the evening to switch OFF in the morning light.

OVER VOLTAGE / UNDER VOLTAGE TRIP: Two 555 timers are used as window comparator. This delivers an error output if the input voltage to them crosses the range beyond the voltage window. A relay is then operated to cutoff the load for safety reasons.

FASTEST FINGER PRESS QUIZ BUZZER: A set of 8 switches are interfaced to D-type flip flop working as priority encoder. While few switches are pressed at same time, it takes the first switch pressed into consideration and generates a buzzer sound along with the indication of the switch pressed.

STEP UP DC VOLT USING 555 TIMER: A 555 timer is used in astable mode to deliver the output approximately twice the input voltage which is given to a voltage doubled circuit to get the desired output.

INCOMING PHONE RING LIGHT FLASHER: A phone line is connected through an opto isolator to drive a relay whenever telephone ring is detected by the circuit. It switches a 230v lamp to flash as per the telephone ring to draw attention in highly noisy environment.

Note: We also provide various types of final year projects for electronics which are 100% output guaranteed and helpful for thousands of engineering students in completing their B.Tech successfully.


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