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DIY kit comes with an Assembled and Tested PCB ensuring 100% output guarantee. Includes hardware for assembling project from scratch. Fully supported by elaborate documentation, audio visuals and tools to independently carry out the project work.


The main intention of this project is to develop a long-range FM transmitter circuit to transmit the audible signals in the range of 2 Km using Yagi antenna connected to the circuit.

The proposed system mainly uses these three components: a variable frequency oscillator (VFO), voltage control oscillator (VCO), power amplifier and a battery for power supply.  The variable frequency oscillator is used for generating the frequencies.

The frequency is followed by the tuning circuit.  The voltage control oscillator is used to generate the respective signals at a given frequency with minimal attenuation. The power amplifier is used to increase the power of the week input audio signal.

If anyone starts speaking the audible message via a microphone connected to this system, then others can listen to this audio by a mobile phone using FM radio in the  range of 2 Km with the help of the Yagi antenna.

This concept can be extended and implemented in colleges or in university, wherein the latest happenings in a college can be known to the students by tuning to the frequency using an FM receiver.

Note: - The project is supplied with a stick antenna. However, a Yagi antenna as per the design supplied can be assembled by the user.


Easy to use, Self-explanatory kit.
All-inclusive solution kit.
Extensive audio-visuals available.
Non-Microcontroller Project.
Branding-free material.
Call/mail for Tech Support from 10 am - 7 pm.
Can be Customized for Arduino, Raspberry Pi, PIC
FM Transmitter 2 KM Range for Yagi Antenna
Hardware Requirements
  • Transistors
  • Coils
  • Resistors
  • Trimmers
  • Capacitors & Antenna
Software Requirements
Q & A
Q:  What is Audio Modulation?
A:  Audio modulation is modulating a audio signal with a carrier signal of higher frequency, so as to enable long distance transmission.
Q:  What is the range?
A:  The range is 20-30meter with GP or stick antenna or Yagi antenna up to 2KM
Q:  What is the FM band to receive the signal?
A:  The FM band is 88 to 108 MHz
Q:  Can any audio song be transmitted?
A:  Yes, audio song can be transmitted.
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Chaitanya, Hyderabad on 7th June, 2016, 04:22 PM

I entered a keyword Engineering projects so i found your company
I followed reviews i have seen most of them reviewed 100% output is getting so thats why i have chosen edgefx
Right time, right components i received
I got doubt so i visited directly to office and clarified my doubts
If i could more Innovative projects i could feel better.so i suggested him to follow our new version website
Okay i’ll go through it thank you

Chaitanya, Hyderabad, Telangana on 16th January, 2016, 03:39 PM

I searched for the words like FM Transmitter 2 KM Range for Yagi Antenna to find Edgefx in Google.
I found my project Title so decided to buy that project from Edgefx.

Chaitanya, Hyderabad on 17th December, 2015, 05:40 PM

I was searching my project FM Transmitter 2 KM Range for Yagi Antenna and i found in Google in Edgefx Kits
I found my project Title so decided to buy that project from Edgefx.
The kit got delivered to me on time with all the right components.

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