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An embedded system is an electronic system that runs a program using a processing device like microcontroller or microprocessor. Nowadays many students are showing lot of interest in towards embedded systems projects in their final year. So, this section brings you interesting and latest projects based on ATMEL & PIC series micro-controllers. The 8051 projects serve as a good reference for final year electronics engineering projects. Each one comes with dedicated board with some Vero space for you to easily learn the 8051 /PIC hardware interface and develop project work quickly. Such boards come with hex program loaded controllers on ATMEL AT89S52 or PIC-16F 877 along with duly commented source code.

Edgefx provides various embedded projects for engineering students which are shown below:

SCADA - (SUPERVISORY CONTROL & DATA ACQUISITION) FOR REMOTE INDUSTRIAL PLANT - Modern Industries prefer SCADA. Supervisor sitting on the PC terminal is able to control plant parameters remotely over communication network while monitoring the data acquired through several sensors using a front end for the control and a backend with programmed microcontrollers interfaced to ADCs from sensors for data collection and control.

SYNCHRONIZED TRAFFIC SIGNALS - Getting green signal all through successive street junctions. All the traffic junctions in a main road are synchronized for signal lighting such that the vehicle gets green signal at all the junctions while moving at a normal speed. This is already implemented in many countries with great degree of success.

HOME AUTOMATION SYSTEM: A touch screen based transmitting unit is used to operate home appliances with zero voltage switching for long life, remotely using RF communication to avoid complicated wiring in existing system and to improve life of the appliance under use.

DISTANCE MEASUREMENT: A DC voltage is fed over the faulty line in multiplexing mode for all the wire in a cable in combination with controller interfaced ADC 0804 being fed from a series resistor to detect the fault current caused voltage drop and show the distance on a LCD display based on known voltage drop of a fixed length of wire.

PASSWORD OPERATED SECURITY SYSTEM: It is an access control system that allows only authorized persons knowing the password which is stored in another dedicated EEPROM 24-c-02 that can be programmed to change the password any time as per the user’s wish.

PC CONTROLLED LOAD MANAGEMENT: Electrical appliances can be controlled via a PC / intranet /internet interfaced to microcontroller through level shifter IC Max-232. The loads are then controlled through the relays duly interfaced to the relay driver IC ULN-2003 being driven from the microcontroller.

We provide above 120 embedded systems projects for engineering students which are all 100% output guaranteed. You may order any kit through online.

Note: Edgefx also provides different Electronics Projects in various categories like electrical, robotics, etc. for final year engineering students and help in completing their B.Tech successfully.


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