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Edgefx offers variety of Electrical projects which are all 100% output guaranteed for engineering students of final year. Core electrical and embedded electrical based projects in DC & AC MACHINES, TRANSMISSION LINES, High Voltage, covering PF correction, cable fault detectors, home automation, wireless power transfer, PID, PLC, Islanding of grid, energy management etc. in single phase and 3 phase applicable to industry and domestic areas. Many IEEE origin papers solved to maximum extent that a student can understand is supported by detailed audio visual explanations.

Following are some examples of Electrical Projects for engineering students provided by Edgefx Technologies:

APFC to MINIMIZE PENALTY IN INDUSTRIAL POWER CONSUMPTION: Automatic Power Factor Compensation (APFC) is achieved by engaging number of shunt capacitor in parallel to inductive loads. The time lag between zero voltage and zero current is fed to a microcontroller that drives relays from its output for bringing shunt capacitors across the load till the power factor reaches 0.9.

HIGH VOLTAGE DC CONVERSION IN VOLTAGE MULTIPLIER CIRCUIT: 1000 PIV diodes in combination with 100uF electrolytic capacitors forming a ladder network multiply the input AC to develop DC output several times the input.

AUTOMATIC STAR DELTA STARTER WITH TIMER: It is to start a 3 phase motor at 440 volt AC mains supply 50 Hz with a set of relays in star mode and then to delta mode by an electronically adjustable delay timer.

ELECTRICAL ENERGY AUDIT: It is designed to automatically calculate energy details within a minute using programmable microcontroller with indications on an LCD display, the load consumption in units and cost in rupees for any load required to be used for a specific number of hours.

THREE PHASE FAULT ANALYSIS WITH AUTO RESET: Six numbers of Step-down transformers are used for forming star and delta secondary at low voltage output with fault condition created by a set of switches for LL, LG, and 3L fault to the circuit. This is done by triggering a 555 timer in monostable to reset automatically after a temporary fault clearance or permanently trip the output in case of prolonged fault.

DETECTING FAILED GRID SYNCHRONISATION: Synchronization failure of an alternate supply source connected to the grid is detected either for under/over voltage or under/over frequency by a microcontroller to perform this operation. This mechanism is popularly known as Islanding of grid connected source.

Note: Edgefx also provides various types of final year electronics projects in various categories like embedded, robotics, communication, solar, etc. for engineering students and helps in completing their B.Tech successfully.


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