Wireless Power Transfer In 3d Space
Model: 343  
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The main objective of this project is to develop a system of wireless power transfer in 3D space.

This project is formed out of an AC 230V 50Hz to AC 20 KHz at 12V circuit. The ac 50 Hz is rectified by BR1and the DC derived from that is again made to ac by an inverter by transistors switching near 40 KHz which is fed to another high frequency transformer the output of which is then fed to a resonating coil acting as primary of another air core transformer ,the secondary of which is fed to a 2nd rectifier to drive a DC load.

The air core transformer operating near 40 KHz is the main concept for wireless power transfer in 3 D space as one cannot transfer 50 Hz ac power by air core.

The secondary coil in resonance develops a voltage of 40 KHz at about  12volt while it is taken over the primary coil. The output of this secondary is given to a 10 watt lamp that glows at considerable distance from the primary coil.

However, the overall efficiency of the power transfer is less than 70% for all weakly coupled series resonators used in the project.

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Wireless Power Transfer In 3d Space
Hardware Requirements
• HF Transformer• diode• rectifier• capacitors• Transistors• air filled inductor coil• Lamp
Software Requirements
• Project Abstract
• Seminar Presentation
Q & A
Q:  It is possible to increase the distance of wireless power transfer?
A:  Yes with research at user end, it is possible to increase the distance of wireless power transfer.
Q:  What is wireless power transfer?
A:  Wireless power transfer is transmission of AC or DC power without using any cables or wires.
Q:  What is the concept behind this project?
A:  This project follows the concept of using inverters with high frequency transformer to get AC signal of high frequency.
Q:  What is the rating of the high frequency transformer used?
A:  An electronic transformer with 230V AC input, 12 V, 40W output is used.
Q:  What is the difference between HF transformer and general transformer?
A:  High frequency generation in HF transformer has got fewer losses compared to iron core transformer
Q:  Can the load be replaced by the lamp?
A:  Yes any Load up to 10W can be replaced by the lamp
Q:  Can I use light emitting diodes (LEDs) instead of a lamp?
A:  Yes, one can use about 100 white LEDs, in place of a lamp.
Q:  What type of coil is used?
A:  A multi-stand insulated wire is used as a coil.
Q:  Why capacitors are used?
A:  Capacitors are used to match the resonant frequency
Q:  Can the power be transferred wirelessly, even if I place a object in between?
A:  Yes, power can still be transferred.
Q:  Are the formulae used in the project available in the documents?
A:  Based on Resonant frequency, calculating the capacitor value on measured coil inductance is available in the documentation provided with the project.
Q:  Can we develop pure sine wave at high frequency?
A:  We suggest you to try our model 343 that can deliver up to 50 KHz pure sine wave for about 5 watts wirelessly at a distance of 1 foot.