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Communication Engineering Projects Ideas

This section covers wide range of communication projects upon RF, XBEE, GSM, GPS, wireless, networking involving protocols like I2C, RS232, SPI etc for wide range of industrial and domestic applications with start to end detailed technical solutions in audio visuals and complete set of components, devices & modules with data sheets for further development including specific project PCB for easy error free assembly.

Edgefx provides many communication projects which are all 100% output guarateed for final year engineering students. Some of them are explained below:

GSM BASED METER READING VIA SMS: It is designed for reading electrical energy consumed in units and in rupees to display on an LCD screen to the user on daily basis and also provided to the electrical department using GSM technology for billing purposes.

OFFICE COMMUNICATION SYSTEM USING RF: It is a PC based RF communication system in an office from the boss to the subordinates having small LCD display terminals being interfaced to independent microcontrollers which receives message on selective or common to all basis with a receive tone alert.

SCROLLING MESSAGE DISPLAY: Message sent from the PC is transmitted to the notice board over cable that goes on scrolling on a LCD display of 2 lines until the next message is entered.

FLASH FLOOD INTIMATION OVER GSM NETWORK: High water level detector interfaced to microcontroller outputs a command to a GSM modem for sending a signal to the concerned authorities for appropriate action.

WIRELESS ELECTRONIC NOTICE BOARD: Any message sent by the user is received by a GSM modem interfaced to the microcontroller through RS232 protocol.

RFID BASED ATTENDANCE: RFID tag with details of the employee keep tracking upon their attendance while swiped on the RFID reader interfaced to a microcontroller with LCD display.

LONG RANGE FM TRANSMITTER: A microphone is used to feed audio signals to modulate a carrier signal at a frequency of around 106 MHz. This signal is further amplified with an RF power amplifier that is connected to a tuned antenna to cover a line of sight distance of about 2 km (if we use Yagi antenna) or 20-30 Meters by GP/stick antenna.

SECRET CODED COMMUNICATION: It helps sending code enabled message transmitted through RF communication to the receiver.

Note: Edgefx also provides different kinds of projects for electronics students in various categories like embedded, electrical, robotics, etc. and helps in completing their B.Tech successfully.


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