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Best Arduino Engineering Projects List

Arduino is an open-source prototyping platform, which is used for both hardware and software. Ever since the existence of Arduino, its usage is tremendous in many of the projects ranging from everyday simple objects to complex scientific instruments. Arduino was basically born at the Ivrea Interaction Design Institute. It is an easy tool for fast prototyping. Arduino is intended for students who don’t know electronics and programming. After reaching to a wide community, Arduino board started to take new shape in adopting the new needs and challenges. The differentiating requirements it offers range from simple 8-bit boards to products for 3D printing, IoT applications, embedded environments and wearable. Arduino boards are able to read inputs - a finger on a button, or a Twitter message or a light on a sensor and turn it into an output, activating a motor publishing something online, and then turning on an LED.

Why To Use Arduino?

It is used in thousands of applications. The Arduino software can be easily understandable for beginners, and is flexible enough for advanced users. It runs on OS like Mac, Windows, and Linux. Many of the students, teachers, beginners get benefited from it. As they are able to do physics, chemistry and mathematics projects.
There are many other micro controllers available for physical computing. Arduino also simplifies the process of working with micro controllers, but it offers some advantage for interested amateurs, teachers and students over other systems.

• Inexpensive cross-platform
• Simple, clear programming environment
• Open source and extensible software

What Does it Do?

Arduino can interact with cameras, GPS units, speakers, buttons, the internet, motors, even your smart-phone, LEDs or your TV. The hardware boards are cheap, flexible and combine with the Arduino software, and both the software and hardware are easy to learn. Such features have led a large number of users to contribute the code and instructions for the Arduino-based projects. The Arduino is used in robots, Dungeons and Dragon dice- throwing gauntlet, heat pad hand warming blanket and almost in any electronic projects.

Arduino Products

Arduino products include Shields, Modules, Kits and Boards.

Entry Level :
• Arduino Mini
• Arduino 101
• Arduino Micro
• Arduino Basic Kit
• Arduino Uno
• Arduino Shield
• Arduino Starter Kit
• Arduino Pro
• Arduino Nano
Iot(Internet Of Things)
• Arduino MKR 100
• Arduino GSM Shield
• Arduino Yun
• Arduino Ethernet Shield
• Arduino Wifi Shield 101

3D Printing:
• Materia 101
Enhanced Features:
• Arduino Due
• Arduino Mega
• Arduino Proto Shield
• Arduino Zero
• Lilypad Arduino Main Board
• Lilypad Arduino Simple Snap
• Lilypad Arduino USB
• Lilypad Arduino Simple
• Arduino Gemma

A worldwide community of makers like hobbyists, artists, students, professionals and programmers have gathered around for this open source platform. Their contributions are overwhelming and have added up to an incredible amount, which is beneficial in accessing the knowledge across the world.

Arduino Applications

1. DC motor control using Arduino and H-Bridg
2. OBDuino, a trip computer that uses the on-board diagnostics interface found in most modern cars
3. Xoscillo, an open-source oscilloscope
4. Homemade CNC uses an Arduino and DC motors with close loop control by Homofaciens
5. Ardupilot, drone software and hardware
6. GertDuino, an Arduino mate for the Raspberry Pi
7. Water quality testing platform
8. Arduinome, a MIDI controller device that mimics the Monome
9. ArduinoPhone, a do-it-yourself cell phone
10. Scientific equipment such as the Chemduino


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