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Top Android Engineering Project Ideas

An Android is a Linux based trending operating system, used in touch screen gadgets like smart phones, tablets, etc. It powers billions of gadgets and is the sole competitor to the IOS platform in the iphone. In the year 2003, Android Operating System was established, and then owned by Google in 2003. The different versions released until now are Cupcake, Donut, Éclair, Froyo, Gingerbread, Honeycomb, Ice Cream Sandwich, Jelly Bean, KitKat and Lollipop.

This OS uses touch inputs and virtual keyboard to operate on-screen objects. Basically, it was designed for touch screen equipment and game equipment like personal computers, cameras, and electronic devices. Nowadays, the most widely used and highest selling OS is Android. This is an open source, anyone can install and use it to build their own applications on top of the Android framework.

Architecture of Android

The architecture of an Android Operating System comprises a stack of software components which is separated into different sections and layers.

Linux kernel

The Android OS uses the Linux kernel and it supports an extensive range of hardware drivers. It is the heart of the Android that controls the input and output requests from the software. This offers basic functionalities of a system like device management, memory and process management, such as camera, keypad, display, etc. The Linux kernel is good at networking and does not interface to the minor hardware.The Linux itself does not connect directly with the user, but rather networks with the shell and new programs as well as with the hardware devices on the system.


There is a set of libraries on top of a kernel, comprising of an open source web browser like webkit, library libc.These libraries are mainly used to play audio and record videos. The database SQLite is used to store and share application data. The SSL library is responsible for internet security.

Android Runtime

The runtime of an Android OS provides a key component, namely DVM (Dalvik Virtual Machine) which is a type of Java virtual machine. It is designed and optimized especially for an Android. The processing virtual machine in Android OS is Dalvik VM. It is a kind of software that runs different apps on Android devices. This virtual machine makes use of kernel’s core features like multi threading and memory management, which are in Java language. This enables every Android application to run its own process. This VM process the files in the format of .dex.
Android comes with an online software store. It allows Android users to choose and download different applications developed by developers and utilize them. There are a number of games, and widgets available in the market for users. The applications of an Android are written in the Java language

This category consists of Android projects with abstract, PPT and block diagram, which can be downloaded by the students. Here is a list of a collection of Android based projects.


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