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Best Solderless Engineering Projects

The designing process of electronic projects in the earlier days were done by fitting required components and copper wires to a wooden board and soldering them together. In some cases a circuit diagram was first drawn on a plain paper and glued onto the board to fix the components.

The electrical and electronic components were fixed over their symbols on the paper pasted to the board. Breadboards have been designed over a period of time and have also been used for all kinds of simple electronic devices. For example, The breadboard which is commonly used nowadays is generally designed with white plastic material and it is a pluggable board. In 1971, Ronald J developed Electronic breadboard.

Generally, the success in electronics projects plays an important role in the career of engineering students. Many students quit this branch because they fail in their very first attempt of doing the projects. After a few failures, students develop a myth that electronic projects that work currently may not work correctly tomorrow. Therefore, for the beginners, it is better to start with those solderless projects on breadboard to see whether they work or not in their first effort.

Before you start, you must know how to use and practice on a breadboard device to build solderless projects. If you don’t know about the breadboard, then, it is better to start with solderless projects using breadboard which will work in your first attempt itself and give an idea from your own work.

What is a Breadboard?

Breadboard is one of the most essential devices for beginners who learn how to build electronic circuits. Solderless projects don’t require soldering of various components to design different circuits on breadboard.So, designing solderless projects using breadboard is cost-effective and easy to design without soldering the components. Thus, such projects are called as solderless projects using breadboard. They can be implemented by connecting different electronics and electrical components using connecting wires.

Breadboard is used to build electronic projects without soldering. Current breadboards are plastic boards that are available in a range of colors, sizes and shapes. But the most common sizes of these boards are mini, half and full. Some types of boards are inbuilt with tabs and notches that allow to break a number of boards composed together. But, for basic level projects a single half sized board is adequate.

Breadboard Connections

Breadboard consists of a number of holes which are a bit puzzling. In fact, if we understand the basic connections of breadboard, then it is very simple to connect the circuit on the board. The first two and last two rows at the top and bottom of the breadboard are for positive and negative electrodes.

The top and bottom rows of the board include five holes in each column and internally they are connected horizontally. If the power supply is connected in one hole, then the equal power can be taken from the five holes in the same column.

This category consists of solderless projects with abstract, PPT and block diagram which can be downloaded by the students. Here is a list of a collection of android based projects.



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